Pharmasave, Carnegie, Victoria

“I’m very happy with LEDified. They were prompt with the installation process and the new LEDs look a lot brighter than our old ones. The pharmacy looks more colourful and the staff have mentioned how much more welcoming the atmosphere in the store is. We decided to go with LEDified’s lease to own finance option, which has allowed us to finance our LED upgrade with the savings we now make on our lighting costs. We would absolutely recommend LEDified’s service to anyone looking to make the switch.”

Ralf Milone, CEO

The Project

Pharmasave’s management, in Carnegie, was looking for opportunities to reduce its energy costs. Given the pharmacy’s long retail hours of operation, the store would spend over $6,000 in lighting costs, not to mention having to deal with the regular and costly maintenance of replacing globes.

The current lighting was known to spread light unevenly throughout the aisles, which meant that products were not jumping off the shelves.

The Solution

LEDified’s LED upgrade resulted in beautiful even light that illuminated product displays vividly. As an added bonus, the staff found that visibility  in the store improved, reducing eye strain and making for a more pleasant working environment.

The best part was the management had accomplished what it had set out to do: the store more than halved their lighting costs, now saving over $4,500 a year!

The Savings

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