Narre Warren Medical Clinic, Victoria

“I was impressed when I walked into the building for the first time after the upgrade to see how much cleaner the LED lighting looks.

Our clinic can sometimes be open for long hours so changing over to LEDs made sense from a savings point of view, but most important was that the lighting made patients feel comfortable. We’re glad to say it has done that, and the process was hassle free so I would recommend LEDified.”

Carlene Bushby, Practice Manager

The Project

Narre Warren Clinic is a one-stop medical and dental centre located South East of Melbourne. In healthcare centers, such as Narre Warren Clinic, it is important to promote a sense of pleasantness and wellbeing. As many of us may have experienced, incandescent and fluorescent lights are more prone to faults and flickering.

Light can have a positive impact in a healthcare environment. When lighting is used correctly, it can enhance the patients’ healthcare experience.

The Solution

LEDified gave the Narre Warren clinic a lighting makeover. The new LEDs generate an even light that creates a welcoming atmosphere for patients.

What’s more, the LED upgrade has reduced annual lighting costs by over $3,000 and, because LEDs last tens of thousands of hours, the clinic will not need to replace their lights for years.

The Savings

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