Fantech, Dandenong South, Victoria

“Dealing with LEDified has been a pleasure. They made the process simple for us and the savings…Well, I hadn’t anticipated just how much I’d be saving. It was a large investment but it was ultimately worthwhile because we now save over $20,000 a year in lighting costs. The LEDs have made our warehouse feel more comfortable to work in. We couldn’t be happier.”

Manfred Adam, Purchasing Manager, Fantech

The Project

Fantech’s large manufacturing site for fans and acoustics comprises of a busy warehouse and offices.

The site incurred large lighting costs and the old lighting was sometimes uneven, which is the last thing you want when completing complex manufacturing work. Replacing failed lights was also time consuming and expensive.

The Solution

Both Fantech’s warehouse and offices were retrofitted with over 300 LEDified lights. The warehouse’s new LED high bays, specifically designed to light up large spaces, have resulted in more vivid and even lighting conditions, delivering better visibility for handling complex tasks.

Overall, Fantech is expected to save over $30,000 a year in lighting costs and time consuming and expensive maintenance costs are no longer an issue because of the long life span of LEDified LEDs. The business anticipates to offset over 135,000Kg in carbon over the next 10 years.

The Savings

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