Many home and business owners are learning for themselves that installing LED lights are a savvy energy savings investment. Here at LEDified, we know firsthand that efficiently running a home or office can prove overwhelming for even the thriftiest spender, particularly when it comes to meeting your lighting needs. Adequate lighting (and maintaining lighting) in your home or office can quickly put a strain on any financial plan. However, it’s important to note that you don’t have to stretch your home or business budget too thin in order to achieve optimal lighting in your space.


Installing LEDs At Work: Breakdown Of Commercial Benefits

Leading a corporate venture means keeping a steady focus on every penny spent on operational costs. Whether you’re running a commercial, industrial or office space, installing LEDs in your commercial building can instantly yield an impressive range of benefits and advantages when compared to other lighting options. Quality LEDs offer business owners a light bulb with a longer lifespan. Their high performing features mean lower maintenance costs throughout the duration of their lifetime. Additionally, an LED lighting solution from LEDified runs at a lower running temperature when compared with other options. This lower running temperature can actually reduce overall HVAC costs.

Most importantly, working with LEDified for your lighting needs means that you will enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your business is operating up to OH&S lighting standards. Our average commercial customers save over $9000 per year in energy costs with LEDified and achieve a payback period of 19 months. Best of all, our innovative lighting solutions help your employees to enjoy a positive, productive work environment.

Installing LEDs At Home: Breakdown Of Residential Benefits

At LEDified, we know how important it is to stay on top of your household budget; using one of our customised residential lighting solutions can help. Our lighting products offer better quality light, giving you and your loved ones a comfortable experience at home. Additionally, much like our commercial products, our residential items offer a long lamp life, helping you keep overall costs down.

Of course, quality and cost aren’t the only factors to consider when choosing LED lighting solutions. Safety is also a major concern, for both our commercial and residential clients. LEDified’s EVA downlight is one of the first products in Australia to be certified as safe to install under thermal insulation and in close proximity to combustible material in accordance with the Draft AS/NZS 60598.2.2:2015 standard, giving you the peace of mind to know you are making the best lighting choice possible for any space you have.

Are you ready to hear more about LEDified’s comprehensive lighting services and solutions? We are Australia’s #1 full service LED lighting specialists. Our certified electricians can perform a thorough needs analysis, make appropriate recommendations and install the lights. Contact us today for more details!