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Your LED upgrade is FREE but we don’t compromise on quality.



After installing over 350,000 LEDs, we know what we’re doing.


Power: 50W

Temperature: 300°C

Lifespan: 5,000 hrs


Power: 6W

Temperature: 40°C

Lifespan: 45,000 hrs

FREE LEDs are Non- Dimmable and come with a 1 Year Warranty. If you’re looking for a dimmable LED with other features, LEDified has a wide range of LEDs to suit your lighting needs. Check out our product catalogue to see what other options are available.


It’s quite simple really.

Government subsidies

cover the cost of your LEDs.

Have you got more than 10 halogen downlights in your home? If so, we can claim a VEET Government Incentive for you to upgrade to LEDs for free!
LEDified is accredited under the Victorian Government Energy Efficiency Target (VEET), a State Government Scheme that provides financial incentives to switch to more energy-efficient products and practices.
Because LEDs are energy efficient, they reduce carbon emissions and in doing so, they attract Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates (VEECS). This incentive means you can have your halogen downlights replaced for free.

For starters, as this is a Victorian State Government Incentive, you must live in Victoria. Don’t live in Victoria? Hold tight. We have offices located across Australia, so register your interest and we’ll be in touch to tell you what options are available in your area!

Limited Time

VEEC prices can fall at any time so it’s best to get in early and secure your incentive while you still can.

Keep your old Transformers

Under the free program, you keep your old halogen transformers (also known as drivers). However, if you are wanting to get a full replacement of lamp and transformer, we can do that to but there is a cost. What’s the advantage of upgrading your transformers?

(1) You receive a longer warranty period if you upgrade transformers (1 year vs 5

(2) Your lights will be dimmer compatible if you upgrade your transformers

The bottom line is we can do both, so get in touch and let us help you lower your lighting costs once and for all. years)