The management team of the Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce (VACC) House in St Kilda Rd, Melbourne wanted to improve the look of their showroom as well as reducing their ongoing energy and maintenance costs. LEDified were bought on board to do a complete LED lighting refurbishment. The foyer area took a leading focus due to the high volumes of foot traffic that it receives; it was key that the solution enhanced this crucial space.


The Problem
The existing lighting at VACC House comprised 125W shop-fitters, which were inefficient and only created a minimal spread of light.

The LEDified commercial team recommended these be replaced with a 15W recessed LED downlight, which has a strong, clean colour with high lumens and of course a very low running and maintenance cost.

The Results
The stunning results included visual improvements to the space and overall energy savings, also because the VACC House have extended operating hours, they were able to have a very attractive payback period of 8 months.

All of these results meant the VACC House later extended their retrofit to include the carpark and their offices

Current annual lighting cost: 37,838
LED annual running cost: 5,030
Total Annual Savings with LED: 32,809
10 Year Savings*: 407,873
Maintenance Savings: 21,500
Return on Investment: 155%
Payback Period: 8 months

Energy savings are based on a rate of 0.15/ kwH
*Includes inflation of 5% p.a on energy costs and CPI Increase of 2% p.a on replacement costs


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