LEDified’s SweetBeams is an easy to install, do-it-yourself bed lighting system that fits all bed sizes (from cots to king sized beds) and brings gentle security to any room. SweetBeams goes underneath the perimeter of the bed and has a motion sensor. So when your feet hit the floor, you are provided with enough light to be able to see your surroundings without needing to turn on anything too bright (which would wake up anyone else sleeping in the room). There’s no need to trip your way over to the light-switch on the wall, because SweetBeams will turn on automatically and will give you enough light to navigate through the room.

SweetBeams As A Nightlight For Children And New Parents

For small children and babies, SweetBeams is a reinvented night-light. Monsters cannot hide under the bed with these LED lights exposing them! The lights will help reassure children when they are hesitant about going to sleep by providing a gentle glow around the room. For parents who check on their kids in the middle of the night, SweetBeams will allow you to see that everything is well without turning on a major light in the room. For parents with babies, SweetBeams will act as the perfect dim nightlight for late night feedings.

There is also a built-in timer, so if children (or anyone) want the lights to remain on while they are in bed, it can be done easily! Even after the set time is completed, SweetBeams will continue to act as a motion sensor light, providing illumination to anyone who steps down from the bed or walks over to it during the night.

SweetBeams Motion Sensor Activates Automatically To Provide Clear Visibility

Another great use for SweetBeams is middle-of-the-night visibility for anyone who gets out of bed during the night and doesn’t want to stub a toe in the dark. If you are someone who frequently uses the bathroom (or maybe even makes a trip to the kitchen for a midnight snack), this LED system will illuminate the space around your feet. It will also make it easy for you to fall back asleep when you return to bed. If you rise in the morning before your sleeping partner or roommate, SweetBeams will allow you to have enough visibility without disturbing other sleepers in the room.

Because this light only turns on when you need it, you will save money by not running an outlet-based nightlight. The LED lights are both economical and environmentally friendly, making SweetBeams the perfect revolutionised “not just for kids” nightlight.

To order or learn more about the SweetBeams bed lighting system, call 13 LEDS today or visit LEDified online.