When kids wake up in the night, they can find a dark room frightening. SweetBeams motion sensor strip light activates when the child gets out of bed so they can navigate through their bedroom with the soft reassuring light.

SweetBeams emits just enough light for night feeding and nappy changes. SweetBeams is also ideal for young children who cannot reach the light switch.

SweetBeams is designed to emit a soft directional light toward the floor, leaving the rest of the room dim enough for sleeping partners.

It’s motion sensor technology means the light turns on when you need it, and off again when you don’t. So you don’t need to fumble around in the dark to find the light switch.

SweetBeams is designed to assist you to safely navigate at night when you have trouble sleeping. Simply step out of bed and the soft LED strip light will illuminate, allowing you to see where you need to go.

Easily Installed

DIY installation in under 5 minutes, no tools required.


Getting out of bed is easy with a light that turns on when you need it, and turns off when you don’t.

Fits all bed sizes

From single beds right through to king size beds.

Gentle Lighting

When you get out of bed, the light gently illuminates, allowing you to navigate through the room without hurting your eyes or disturbing your partner.

Energy Efficient

LEDs are the most energy efficient lighting technology in the market.

Inbuilt timer

Users can customise the length of illumination with the timer toggle.

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