Evolution of The LED Highbay

LEDified has been at the forefront of LED technology since our 1st generation highbay product was approved for sale under the NSW and VIC government energy efficiency schemes in 2012. The 2nd generation modular highbay followed in 2014 was designed with an improved heat sink capability. This was superceded by the Sigma Smartbay released mid 2015.

We source cutting edge technology and ensure world class quality with a market leading value proposition. Our constant striving for best-in-class product has seen our highbay move from chip on board (COB) cluster to the surface mounted diode (SMD) arrangement, which has greatly improved thermal heat management, reduced light wastage, and overall failure rates.

With the release of the new in-house designed and manufactured SOLAS, LEDified have once again raised the bar by producing a 160 lumens per watt product, with increased light output per unit of energy (watt) used.

The SOLAS by LEDified, Where Power Meets Efficiency is the new standard in highbay lighting.

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LED Chip (Nichia SMD3030)

Established in 1956, Nichia places a high value on environmental responsibility. Under this unified corporate philosophy…

the Nichia group are striving towards creation and development of products with superior performance, extended life and ever increasing reliability.

The GRT 3030 chip has been tested under laboratory conditions to give an expected lifetime of >60,000 hours.

Driver (Mean Well HBG-100/160-48A)

Mean Well is devoted to “total quality assurance and customer satisfaction”. Founded in 1982 this multi award winning…

manufacturer is focused on the endless pursuit of innovation and improvement, providing the best cost vs performance ratio of standard power supplies.

Thanks to the high efficiency, fanless design, this product is able to operate between -40ºC~ +85ºC  degrees case temperature under free air convection.

The design of metal housing and IP67/IP65 ingress protection level allows this series to fit both indoor and outdoor applications.

Cast Aluminium

Enables more intricate heat sink design thereby reducing overall luminaire heating effect, improving performance and reliability.

Occupational Health and Safety

The Australian Standards for Lighting (AS/NZS 1680) require light sources to be used that are appropriate to the nature, location and times at which the work is performed. The lighting provided must improve the visual environment and be free from glare including reflective glare, flicker and stroboscopic effect.

At LEDified, our in-house lighting design and compliance team ensure our installations exceed all lighting standards set out in the AS/NZS 1680. A comprehensive Dialux report is provided to every customer for assurance, peace of mind and compliance with the various Government Energy Efficiency Schemes.

Quality Assurance

To maintain the high quality of our products, LEDified carries out a 40-point check on every batch of product produced. Our products are put under the microscope and undergo a stringent qualification process during their pre-selection. They also are subject to a supplier review and audit process. We also ensure that the laboratories used in testing are from a pre-approved list accredited by NATA or the international equivalent. As required by ACMA, LEDified maintains reports and compliance documents on all our products.

We’re so confident in our quality assurance process that we back every LEDified product with a full 5 year replacement warranty.

Lux Report

Space 30m x 30m with 7m centers

Anti-Glare Diffuser

The anti-glare diffuser is available as an optional add-on for the SOLAS highbay. Whilst not a commonly used accessory, it can be favoured in retail environments with a low ceiling height.

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Motion Sensor

Motion sensors are available as an optional add-on for the SOLAS highbay. As the warehouse occupant enters the facility, the microwave motion sensors pick up the occupants presence and automatically turn on. As the occupant moves throughout the facility the sensors engage the SOLAS highbays both ‘on’ and ‘off’ as activity dictates.  The timings are pre-set accordingly to typical work periods in each aisle of the facility. Sensors are particularly effective in facilities with variable, rather than constant, usage.

Download The Spec Sheet

Added Benefits

Any Weather Conditions 

IP65 rated (dust tight / water jets projected from any direction) & designed to operate between -30C to 50C

No Flickering

The Mean Well driver within the SOLAS ensures that regardless of most fluctuations in power supply, the light will be constant and true.

No Waiting Time 

Immediate illumination from switch on to highbay. No warming up of globes necessary (as with old HID lamps).

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