LEDified Voxlen 2 LED Highbay

Upgrade to 130W premium LED Highbay For FREE

 Only In South Australia

Ideal for Warehouse

Working in warehouses means maintaining long-lasting and bright lights. With many traditional lighting options, this will result in high electricity bills and minimal energy efficiency. Costs can also skyrocket in maintenance and replacements as old bulbs break.

LEDified’s high-quality LED highbay can reduce your costs in all areas, making now the ideal time to replace your old bulbs with our premium LED highbay.

Product Specs

Wattage: 130W

Lumen (Absolute): 19,023lm

Colour Temperature: 5,000K

Efficacy: 150lm/W

CRI: 82

IP Rating: IP65

Lifespan: >50,000 Hours

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