You already know about the many benefits of LED lighting. But what about the benefits of professional installation for that LED lighting? People often believe it to be a simple job that can be done themselves. We are used to simply going to the corner shop, buying a bulb, and changing it. Why would LEDs be any different?


But the fact of the matter is, LEDs are different. They are different from every other type of light bulb you’ve ever used. If you’ve ever switched a bulb to an LED you may have an idea of just how different they are. In most cases, these changes are great – they’re bright, they’re cool to the touch, they use less energy. But in some situations, you may be dismayed to find that your LED bulb didn’t last as long as you expected it to. Or maybe it flickered, buzzed, or didn’t turn on at all.

It’s in situations like this that professional LED lighting installation is necessary. Professional installation will ensure not only optimum function of the bulb, but safety as well.

Benefits Of Professional Installed LED Lighting By LEDified

LED lighting that has been installed by LEDified professionals starts with a thorough needs analysis and energy audit. Our technicians will review your existing lighting system, determine whether or not you can just replace your existing globes with LEDs, or will need new fixtures to support the LED lights. We take the time to understand the local electricity features such as the electrical rate, how many hours you expect to use the lights each day, and which utility delivers your power. This information helps us understand the power delivery and use characteristics and plan your retrofit or installation accordingly.

Armed with that data, we develop a comprehensive installation plan and take care of all the details for you, even down to recycling your old globes and handling any VEET or ESS paperwork that you might qualify for. All you have to do is kick back and relax, knowing that your new LED lights will be compliant with the most current electrical codes by professional electricians who know what they’re doing.

And if you’re worried about the additional cost of having a certified electrician install your new LED lighting, don’t be. At LEDified, professional installation is included on every job! We even provide a Certificate of Electrical Safety once the job is complete so you can rest easy knowing the lights are installed safely and will work as expected.

Learn More About LEDified’s Full-Service LED Lighting Installation

If you are ready to make the move to LEDs but don’t want to install them yourself and want the job done right the first time, contact LEDified on 13 LEDS. We’d be happy to discuss your project and develop recommendations that suit your needs. Visit us online at