Automated Lighting – Ideal for Your Commercial Site

If you want smarter, more energy efficient lighting at your commercial location, you need an LED automated lighting system. Building control and automated lighting systems are becoming popular in the business world for the flexibility they provide. Coupled with LEDified’s LEDs, you can also enjoy lower energy bills and greater quality lights.

Our experts can tailor a solution for your building’s specifications, helping you to take full advantage of LED, automation and sensor technology.


Key Considerations

Sensor lighting and automated systems are designed to provide you with greater control and greater information. They tell you when and how your building is being used and allow you to manage your lighting. These systems provide you with the information to adapt your lighting needs without sacrificing optimal environments or creating excessive energy bills. Before investing in automated lighting, talk to our team about these considerations:

  • What type of sensors do you need? They can respond to light, motion and an internal clock, among other things.
  • What level of automation do you require? Systems range from completely manual to entirely automatic.
  • What are the main uses of your lighting? These range from security to productivity; creating natural light or advertising, indoors and outdoors.
  • What are your hours of operation? Not as many buildings are open 24 hours a day, so this can affect how you use your lighting.

Technical Insights

Whether directly highlighted in our product range or part of a broader discussion, there is range of interesting insights into automatic systems, such as:

  • LEDified’s automatic range has products with a nominal power between 5 and 200w, which can suit all your needs
  • Global reports have estimated that lighting controls can reduce the energy costs of a facility by an additional 80 percent when coupled with other measures

Case Studies

It’s fair to say that the future outlook for automated LED lighting is overwhelmingly positive. In fact, trends suggest that both dynamic lighting and LED products will continue to grow as future energy-efficient leaders.