We talk a lot about sustainability on the LEDified blog, but we believe that sustainability should be everyone’s business. We are happy to help businesses make a difference to their impact on the environment with our range of lighting products. However, there are still several businesses around Australia that need to upgrade their lighting to reduce their impact on the environment.

This month, we published an infographic that shows the importance of eco-friendly lighting on the environment. In this post, we want to explain how we see our role in pivoting the Australian economy to use more sustainable lighting solutions.

The main environmental threat Australia faces is global warming from carbon emissions.

Although there are several ways carbon emissions are produced, the field that contributes to it the most is electrical consumption. Less than 20% of all electricity that is produced in Australia comes from renewable energy such as hydro, wind and solar. Australia’s main source of power comes from the burning of fossil fuels such as coal and gas, which emit carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Australia isn’t the country that contributes the most amount of carbon emissions, but by reducing the amount that is produced every year, it will make a dramatic impact to the environment in the future. Over 190 countries including Australia ratified the Paris Agreement to reduce their country’s carbon emissions by the year 2020.

Why should people be concerned about the impact from carbon emissions?

The rise in carbon emissions has been linked to climate change and global warming. Although scientists don’t know the exact consequences of global warming, some of the predictions are alarming. For example:

Global warming is leading to significant rises in the world’s ocean and sea levels. As a result, land space and even islands are starting to disappear. This leads to population displacement and can even affect agriculture.

Climate change to the point where areas in the world will suffer from extreme weather conditions. In 2016, we have already seen extreme hurricanes; floods and heat affect different areas around the world.

Air quality, which severely affects cities across China and India. The mass production of electricity from their coal-fired energy production has left several cities engulfed in smog. This leads to health-related issues among its citizens.

Our range of LED lights help to curb the demand for electricity.

We believe the easiest way for businesses to implement sustainability is by using innovative technology that will minimise energy consumption. Our range of lighting products are designed in a way that will allow businesses to cut down on their electrical consumption while further reducing their overhead costs. It’s a win for the business and a win for the environment.

Has your business made the change? If not, then give one of our consultants a call to discuss how we can make your business more sustainable with energy-efficient lighting.