Massive Subsidy Increase

On January 1st 2016 significant changes were made to the VEET scheme. These changes have resulted in large increases in the incentives available for business owners who wish to make energy saving investments.

This means that a commercial LED upgrade is now significantly cheap. To see if your business qualifies, contact the commercial sales team on 13LEDS to book a free site inspection. Alternatively, leave your details in the form below and we will contact you.

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How can a commercial LED upgrade be so much cheaper?

Not all LED upgrades will be free, but they will be significantly cheaper with the changes enacted by the Victorian Government on January 1. The incentives are now based on the variable Annul Operating Hours (AOH) based on the space type and/or BCA (Building Code of Australia) classification in which the lighting upgrade occurs.

In other words, if the business is classified as having extended hours of operation or sits within retail, manufacturing, parking, storage, healthcare, aged care, hospitality or accommodation, the installation will now be significantly cheaper. In effect, this change gives an even greater incentive the heaviest users of energy to make the upgrade to energy efficient lighting.