Have you ever considered that upgrading the lighting of your premises might save your business more than just costs on your energy bills? LED lighting solutions are well known for reducing up to 80% of energy costs for businesses as a direct result of energy consumption. What most businesses aren’t aware of is how lighting design benefits their business from threats that contribute to indirect costs such as shrinkage and workplace injuries. We explain the threats and how implementing a light design system with LEDs can save your business more money and further improve your business’s productivity.

Good lighting design deters criminal activity.

Shrinkage from criminal activity such as internal and external theft costs businesses thousands of dollars in write-offs every year. While bolstering the security presence in your business with CCTV cameras, alarms and security personnel will help, one of the biggest deterrents will be the illumination levels of your business. Offenders will be more inclined to engage in theft activity ‘under the cover of darkness’, whereas if your environment is well-lit, it is likely that someone in the environment would be happy to intervene. Additionally, well-illuminated areas encourage people to be more aware of their surroundings and engage in informal surveillance.

Good lighting minimises workplace accidents and hazards.

Between 2012-2013, the average workers compensation payout was $8900 per person, with an average of 5.4 weeks being lost from employees inability to work. Poor lighting illumination and maintenance is often overlooked by health and safety managers and often leads to workplace health issues such as eye strains, headaches, fatigue and postural problems. For example, in this document from Safework Australia, they state that nearly all cases of eye damages in Australia are preventable. Sudden increases in light intensity will cause people’s eyelids to blink in a protective reflux action. Additionally, light glares can also cause momentary disorientation that can lead to workplace accidents.


Good lighting is important because it:

  • Helps to assist the person with recognising potential hazards.
  • Keeps the pupil diameter as small as possible, minimising the exposure of radiation into the eye’s retina.

The OHS Reps website recommends that businesses provide sufficient lighting that is safe and that minimises any risks to employees health (such as eye strains or them being forced to adopt any awkward poses). Businesses should ensure that the illumination levels from both natural and artificial light provides employees with lighting that is free from glare, flickering or a stroboscopic effect.

LEDified can audit your business’s premises and provide advise for the best lighting design that will illuminate your business and help to deter unwanted security and health safety threats to your business. Speak to a LEDified consultant today by clicking here.