Do you run a healthcare or medical facility? Do you recognise the benefits of providing high-quality energy efficient lighting? When it comes to providing lighting in healthcare facilities such as hospitals and medical centres, most managers opt for ‘standard’ lighting and take the options for high-quality lighting options for granted. Although investing in standard lighting is sufficient, options such as LED lights will improve the light quality of your facility so that it will look brighter, lighter, cleaner and more inviting. Research has shown that patients that have been exposed to higher quality lighting have better recovery times.


One of the major challenges most healthcare facilities face is funding the upgrade to LEDs. Public owned hospitals and centres need to justify a case for spending the public’s money on LED upgrades and need to secure the budget from the financiers. With the introduction of government programs across various Australian States, accessibility to funding has become easier through government grants and on-bill funding. Healthcare centres that are based in New South Wales can apply for the NSS here. Victorian-based healthcare centres can apply for their local scheme here.

Even for privately owned healthcare facilities, on-bill funding can allocate the funds they are using for their current energy bills towards the upgrade costs, which will pay off for itself over time. A LEDified consultant can best advise you on the costs and payback scheme that would be best for your centre.

Cost savings.

Making the switch to LED lighting solutions could save your healthcare facility up to 60% of its current energy bill. The saved funds could then be reallocated to your centre’s projects that will improve your patient’s experiences with your centre.

Case study

The Narre Warren Medical Clinic in Victoria upgraded to LED lighting with LEDified. Practice manager Carlene Bushby recognised the cost-reduction benefits the practice would gain if they made the switch to LED lighting since their practice required long hours of artificial lighting. Furthermore, she felt the need for the practice to improve the comfort of patients attending the practice.

Since retrofitting their medical centre with LED lights, they have reported over $3000 in annual savings, which can be seen in the image below.


You can read more about their case study here.


If you own or manage a healthcare centre, consider switching to an LED light solution that will improve the wellbeing of your patients, as well as providing your healthcare facility with reduced energy consumption and maintenance costs. You can speak to a LEDified consultant by calling 13 53 37 or send an email enquiry here.