Home Ideas, The Glen Shopping Center, Glen Waverley, Victoria

I was very surprised. The store looked better than I had expected and is so much brighter than it was with halogens. LEDified were very knowledgeable and the contractor was great and did not disrupt the shop’s business during the installation. All my concerns were addressed and I can happily say that LEDified are a very good company to work with.”

Sunil Nathoo, Director

The Project

Home Ideas at The Glen Shopping Center  found that their original halogen lighting wasn’t doing their beautiful homewares justice. Their products include lovely dishwares in an array of vivid colours, and the old halogens simply did not reflect their natural colours, would often dim, flicker and need replacing. This wasn’t ideal for customer’s experiences either. Also, given the long shopping center retail hours, the lights would stay on for a long time and resulting in expensive lighting costs.

The Solution

When LEDified upgraded the store to LED lights, Sunil was delighted with the results. The  LEDs reflected the vibrance of the products’ real colours, bringing them to life. Customers noticed the difference and the store became a far more pleasant environment to be in. In addition, the savings were phenomenal. When we visited store, Sunil showed us his energy bills; his monthly energy bill had gone from over $800 to approximately $200! With such savings, he’s bound to be the envy of the other stores in the center.

The Savings

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