Case Study – Fuel Mart

Current Lighting Operating Costs pre LED $9470

Cost of Upgrade $16193.48 

Government Incentive $1030.52

Annual Savings $6846.00

Maintainence Cost $0

Return on Investment 47%

Payback period 26 months

Payment Method Upfront.

Fuel Mart Faulconbridge is a Service Station/Convenience Store on a busy thoroughfare in rural New South Wales. The business prides itself on delivering excellent customer service, and is always looking at ways to streamline its successful business model. After investigating ways to trim operating expenses, management determined that it could substantially reduce energy consumption by installing LED lights. The facility operates 17 hours a day, seven days a week, and it was felt that, aside from the energy savings, an increased level of light with an even lumen distribution was important for security purposes.

Fuel Mart Faulconbridge successfully completed an LED upgrade of their service station, which has increased light levels dramatically. The facility now has an even light spread, with no dark spots, that has resulted in patrons and staff feeling safer. In addition, the merchandise on the shop floor is well lit, making the store a more attractive, efficient stop for motorists and regular customers. Importantly, the business has dramatically reduced their energy costs, to the tune of $6846.00 per annum.

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