Food Works Creswick

FoodWorks Creswick is a local supermarket in Ballarat that retains a friendly, community-focused relationship with its customers. The team had investigated cost saving measures in order to lower overheads, and keep competitive with other retailers that have already experienced the cost saving benefits of operating LED lights.

Aside from the obvious cost saving benefits of LED lighting, FoodWorks Creswick were determined to improve the look of the store. After consulting LEDifieds commercial lighting specialists, the management discovered one of the major advantages of using LEDifieds LED T8’s was the colour rendering, which is more sophisticated than traditional lighting, meaning the colour of the goods on display is more true to the human eye, and more attractive to customers browsing in the store. After LEDifieds installers had completed the retrofit, several customers queried whether or not FoodWorks Creswick had changed produce suppliers; such was the improvement in uniform light spread and colour rendering.

LEDified also retrofitted the refrigeration display lights. The existing florescent tubes emitted diffuse light in all directions, which meant light spilled onto the doors and floor, created hotpots on products displayed as well creating glare. LEDified suggested retrofitting the display lights with T8 LED tubes. As a result, the newly retrofitted LEDs focused light on the packaging, eliminated glare and made various products look fresher due to its focused beam and superior colour rendering. Because LEDieds T8s don’t emit UV rays, products don’t perish as fast, and due to the reduced amount of heat in the lamp, refrigeration costs were further reduced.

The 50,000 hour life span meant the business saved a significant amount of money in replacement costs. FoodWorks Creswick was also able to reap cost savings and improved light quality without any upfront payment. Because of LEDifieds partnership agreement with AGL, FoodWorks Creswick entered into an on bill agreement. This meant they were able to ‘pay through savings’, without any additional energy costs.

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Previous annual lighting cost    $7,607

LED annual running cost             $2,492

Total annual savings with LED  $5,115

10 Year Savings                              $55,244

Maintenance Savings                  $10,409

Return on Investment                89%

Payback period                              13 months


Energy savings are based on a rate of $0.19 / kwH

*Includes inflation of 5% on energy costs and CPI increase of 2% p.a on replacement costs