Clark Rubber, Chirnside Park, Victoria

LEDified gave us a fantastic LED upgrade result. The LEDs have given the store a new fresh look and improved the presentation of our products. We’ve had many positive comments from customers and neighbouring stores. Dealing with LEDified was a great experience and I was impressed with the ease of getting the upgrade completed with them.”

Kevin Gorman, Director

The Project

Clark Rubber in Chirnside Park is a large store selling a vast range of rubber products and related equipment, such as a swimming pools. However, with little daylight filtering into the store from the entrance, it was important that their lighting showcased their products and provide even and comfortable lighting. The old halogen lights didn’t achieve the desired results and would result in exorbitant maintenance and lighting costs.

The Solution

Kevin Gorman found that the LEDified upgrade delivered fantastic results. His store now has bright, natural-daylight-coloured LEDs that illuminate his products evenly, without any dark patches, resulting in a more pleasant customer and employee experience. The LEDified design and install process was simple and non-disruptive to the store’s day-to-day business and, to Kevin’s delight, the upgrade now saves him over $13,000 a year!

The Savings

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