1701, 2017

How has your organisation planned to cut overhead costs in 2017?

Business overheads can cause unnecessary financial strain for business owners. It’s easy for these additional costs to go unnoticed and as a result, it diminishes profits that could have been used to grow the business even further. If it has been more than 3 months since you’ve reviewed your overhead spending, now is the time […]

1401, 2017

Will investing in the Internet of Things (IoT) be the next big thing in lighting?

30 years ago, Hollywood films like ‘Back to the future’ presented us with images of voice activated technology, flying cars and a world where people are connected by technology. The flying cars and hoverboards might not have arrived, but the world has become more connected through the expansion of the Internet of Things (IoT). Paul […]

1301, 2017

Could voice-controlled LEDs be the new thing in 2017?

Mark Halper from LEDs Magazine recently reported that LEDs in new homes being built in Washington D.C could be powered by voice control. Smart technology has been around for a while with sound-powered controls. For the homeowner that loves their smart technology, this will be another fun gadget that they can add to their home.

Here’s […]

1201, 2017

Energy consumption strategies you should consider revising in 2017.

The start of the new year usually comes along with new resolutions. Improvements in environmentally-friendly practices should be one of the resolutions in your list. The biggest changes that you can make is by reducing your energy consumption from lighting. If you have already made the switch to energy-efficient LED lights, that’s great. If you […]

1412, 2016

Incandescents vs. LEDs lights- Do you know the difference?

Incandescent light bulbs are the cheapest lights that you can purchase outright on the market. But are they really as cheap as you think they are? Since Thomas Edison put the bulbs into circulation over 100 years ago, people have relied on incandescent light bulbs to light up their homes, schools, offices and warehouses. Over […]

1212, 2016

Circadian systems might be the next big thing for LED lighting.

It’s not uncommon for people to feel like the life is being drained out of them when they are in poorly lit environments. It’s not a coincidence that many patients within hospitals become more frail and weak, despite being in an environment with personnel who are committed to making them feel healthy. Artificial light has […]

912, 2016

Smart LED lights – Do you know the security risks?

The whole world is becoming smarter with integrated technology. Devices that are configured with wireless technology such as Bluetooth can easily pair with other devices and be controlled remotely. It’s a great development because we have seen devices such as air conditioners, heaters and televisions embrace the technology and LED lights will be on the […]

2711, 2016

Minimise the electrical consumption in your home with these handy tips.

Have you ever looked at your electrical bill at the end of the quarter and wished that it could have been lower? You aren’t alone. Many people actually consume more energy than necessary due to poor electrical saving habits or they use the inefficient technology. Here are a few tactics that you should be implementing.
Prioritising […]

1111, 2016

Lighting’s impact on climate change – Do you understand the threat?

Lighting is something that people in first world countries take for granted. Sunshine is abundant in most geographic areas and using artificial lighting is something that we have all become used to. The only time we really stop and think about it is when the power goes off or when the electrical bill gets too […]

1011, 2016

Is it cheaper to buy an LED light yourself or through a reputable company?

On the surface, buying an LED lightbulb yourself makes it seem like you are saving yourself a lot of money. You might purchase lightbulbs from the corner store or directly from manufacturers in China and end up saving $5 a bulb or more. If you then install the bulbs yourself, you will save a few […]