The Taste is a well-known restaurant in Campbelltown, NSW. Although the restaurant is very successful, the management team felt the lighting conditions in the restaurant needed to be reassessed, as they were not up to the venues standard. The Taste is both a lunch and dinner establishment, which requires a blend of bright and soft light to bridge the differing times of day. The existing 50w Halogens were not up to scratch for their clientele.


To resolve this LEDified replaced 44 x 50w halogens with 44 x 10w EVA LEDs. EVA is one of the newest lights in LEDified’s extensive product range. What sets it apart from its counterparts is its unrivalled functionality. It can change colour temperature, meaning the restaurant was able to have a clean, crisp natural look during daytime operations and a soft atmospheric light during evening hours. The light is also able to change brightness, which allowed staff members to operate the till and drink station safely and effectively, without disrupting the ambience in the dining areas

Aside from the vastly improved lighting conditions, The Taste has reduced their annual lighting costs by 87%, with a payback period of 11 months, without any upfront costs.


Previous annual running cost $2,462
LED annual running cost 300
Total annual savings with LED $2,162
10 Year Savings* $25,647
Maintenance Savings $2,457
Return on investment 106%
Payback period 11 months

Energy savings are based on a rate of $0.25/kwH with Momentum

*Includes inflation of 5% p.a on energy costs and CPI increase of 2% p.a on replacement costs