LEDified Lighting is proud to stand on the shoulders of each and every staff member working within our organisation. We are unique; purposefully and deliberately disrupting the age-old tenets of business to maintain a nimble, responsive unit. The LEDified LEDHeads are a group like no other: we run hard, dream abnormally big and reach for the almost-impossible!

Actively incorporating successful elements from our collective past experiences, we’re keeping the thirst for success alive and letting our results speak for us. We’re on the move – want to be part of our journey?

BRW & PWC Private Clients Aspire Awards

Australian Business Awards

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Passionate – Passion for what you do

Respected – Respected throughout the industry

Open – Open to new ideas and learning

Unified – Unified to deliver results

Delivering – Doing it right, the first time

Meet the LEDHeads


Start date: 18/05/2015

Current position: Product and Engineering Manager

“I once sold hearing aids to partially deaf people over the phone (difficult).”

“I can tie a perfect double Windsor with my eyes closed.”

“Rated Skill: Eating at buffets, although I get full very quickly.

I believe the qualities that define LEDified as a whole are hardworking, fun-seeking and dynamic.

LEDified has helped me build my career by giving me the opportunity to be exposed to new concepts and work on their execution.

The executive management team have really pushed me to keep questioning the present and find further potential in things that most leave untouched.

I’m looking forward to making the next 12 months about sustainability and consolidation.

And the big focus for me personally will be using my gym membership on a fortnightly basis (baby steps).


Start date: 05/05/2014

Initial position: Telesales Consultant

Current position: Warranty and Service Manager

“Biggest regret of my life was spending nearly 12 hours in the queue at the launch of the iPhone 4.”
“My first job was picking avocadoes.”
“Life highlight was getting on stage with 30 Seconds to Mars in 2010.”

I’m here because of LEDified’s palpable belief in itself and its drive for continual growth.

LEDified has helped me push towards my goals by offering extra-curricular training in areas that I want to develop. We have been given the chance to take part in training sessions with the leaders of the business and the freedom to pursue areas we’re passionate in. I’ve gone through the first module of an EXCEL training course that used real business examples from LEDified’s operations, as well as volunteering to be part of the First Aid team. These opportunities give me the chance to round out my skills and be a part of the LEDified community.

To highlight some of the team who have helped me, Tremaine Fernandez – gave me the foundation to build sales technique and always steadied the ship. Tom Rutherford – encouraged me to step outside of my role and bring other skills to the table, utilising my whole self to succeed.

It’s been a massive challenge, but one of the great moments so far has been steering a brand new lighting campaign in 2015 and developing the channel operationally. When I saw the new system take its first breath and actually work end-to-end was the most satisfying moment so far.

I’m currently developing my understanding of core business principles with support from the Chief Operating Officer Ben Williamson, who is helping me actively contribute to LEDified’s productivity. The ‘learn by doing’ ethos of the team means I’m not just taking in general theory, but living the lessons every day.


Start date: 15/05/2013

Current position: QLD Sales Manager

“I have traveled overseas 14 times so far excluding NZ, which is 5 times.”

“My first job was as an apprentice fitter and turner.”

“Life highlight was my children’s births.”

Career highlight:
Working with LEXUS, the most professional company I have ever been with.

The last thing that I laughed out loud about was:
Myself – every day.

What’s been the greatest adventure so far?
My Europe trips.

The most extreme thing I’ve ever done was:
White water rafting down the Zambezi River in Africa.

What are you most looking forward to in the next 12 months?
Making LOADS of income.

My biggest quirk is:
Tidiness at home.

My weirdest habit is:
For as long as I can remember I jump on the bathroom scales every morning to weigh myself.


Start date: 21/09/2015

Current position: Senior Warranty and Customer Care Officer

“I’m an identical twin and we’re the youngest of 10 children.”

“Best moment of my life was graduating – I walked across the stage, transcript in hand, then tripped at the other end.”

Career highlight was:
Being accepted into the police force and choosing employment with LEDified instead J

What’s been the greatest adventure so far?
Being the only female in Warranty and Customer Care.

The most extreme thing I’ve ever done was:
Swim with sharks, caged and uncaged.

What are you most looking forward to in the next 12 months?
I look forward to being a part of LEDified as we expand as a company, even more so for the customer care and warranty dept.

My biggest quirk is:

My weirdest habit is:
I stare at socks that people wear and judge them (the person) accordingly. I love socks – they have to match. It’s basically life or death.


Start date: 02/12/2013

Initial position: Sales Team Leader

Current position: National Sales Manager

“I’m a beast at chess.”

“Best moment of my life was kicking the winning goal after the siren, 50m out on an angle against our rival footy team in the finals.”

“Career highlight was being nominated for the 2015-2016 Australian Young Achievers Award.

We are continually offered great opportunities, brilliantly disguised as almost insurmountable obstacles; it’s amazing to witness that with LEDified, the whole business steps up and delivers.

LEDified has drastically improved my knowledge of the back end of business. I have been pushed from running sales to now overseeing an end-to-end sales and operations team for residential markets and now the opportunity to sink my teeth into commercial.

I thrive on working with the entire business, from the sales team in their ideas of improving atmosphere, operational managers on increasing my knowledge on installation and of course the Executive Management team which is the most supportive team I’ve ever worked with.

One of the other motivators for me is seeing people’s hard work and efforts get them opportunities such as sponsorship, progression and amazing business education. The development and accomplishment that comes from a fertile environment has meant that so many of my team have achieved amazing things and we are only just scratching the surface. Their success and their appetite for learning is what gets me out of bed – nothing gets easier, but we get stronger.

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