The new EVA downlight from LEDified will provide a simple way for families to transition larger spaces to LED lighting. The lights themselves are round and will fit into a standard ceiling cutout space. The lights also come with a remote that allows the user to control the brightness of the downlight at four different settings as well as controlling the colour of the light (between yellow and white).


Ideal Placement Of LED Downlights Around Your Home

The EVA LED downlights are very energy efficient and cost effective. On average, these downlights boast an average of 85 lumens per watt. Because of their remote controlled activation and customisation, these downlights are perfect for illuminating large family rooms and popular areas of any residence. By using LED downlights in your home, you will be bringing in more light while bringing down the energy usage and cost (while being more environmentally friendly).

In a kitchen, placement of multiple downlights in ceiling spaces is ideal, but your family would also benefit from having downlights under upper cabinets to better illuminate counter top spaces and meal preparation areas. In bedrooms and bathrooms, LED downlights will help you control the brightness, no matter the time of day.

LED downlights are also a great resource in places around the house that don’t receive any natural light. Garages, closets, attic spaces, basements, and other places without much natural light will benefit from the downlights. Staircases that lack natural lighting are also a great spot for LED downlights, so that anyone needing to use the stairs will be able to do so safely. The EVA downlight will bring ideal visibility to these spaces when it is needed and is easy to install as well.

The EVA LED downlight lasts up to 50,000 hours and will help you save up to 80% on lighting costs in your home. With the control of a user-friendly remote, you will be able to adjust lighting colour and brightness in multiple spaces (and without affecting other LED downlights in your home). The LED downlights from LEDified also have a dimmer so that users can create the perfect setting in each room of their home for family members and guests.

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