Several major Australian cities have made the switch and started illuminating their streets with LED lighting. Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane all have committed to using LED lights in this manner not only to save money on electric costs but also to make a move towards a more sustainable future. Many of these same cities are committed to reducing their carbon footprint and/or greenhouse gas emissions and LED lights are one way they are doing it.

LED lighting has the benefit of reduced energy consumption, longer-lasting bulbs and brighter light. Even cities have pay for the electricity they use and the lightbulbs they install. Longer-lasting, more efficient LED lights provide an immediate cost savings to pinched government budgets.


Cost Savings, Energy Savings In Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne

Sydney is a worldwide leader in the movement to switch over to LED lighting in public spaces. Public lighting costs make up one-third of Sydney’s annual electric bill and nearly 70% of its’ greenhouse gas emissions. Since 2012, Sydney has saved nearly $370,000 and enjoyed a 34% reduction in energy usage. All thanks to an investment of 4,100 LED lights in city street and park lights. Another 6,500 lights are slated to be replaced with LED lights over the next three years.

In Brisbane, more than 20,000 LEDs have been switched over from incandescent bulbs. This includes 8,500 LED lights that have been incorporated into City Hall alone.

Melbourne is not only installing LED lighting on the street through its Public Lighting Strategy, it is also offering rebates to apartment owners who upgrade to LED lighting through the Smart Block programme.

The benefits of installing LED lights and LED downlights are real and the impact immediately noticeable. Other cities across Australia, both large and small, are taking note of Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne’s experiences and starting to implement their own LED lighting plans, hoping to enjoy similar cost savings and emission reductions.


LED Lighting At Home And Work

Cities aren’t the only ones who benefit from LED lighting. Homeowners and businesses can realise cost savings and improved lighting efficiency too. Any change from an incandescent light to an LED light, no matter how small it seems, has an immediate and direct impact on greenhouse gas emissions and your pocketbook. For home and business owners who want to save money and save the environment, LED lighting is a good place to start.

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