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The development of the light bulb is largely accepted as one of the most important innovations since the industrial revolution but it hasn’t changed much in the last 150 years. LEDified decided to change this.

We began to develop lighting systems that not only produced brilliant light but also reduced energy and maintenance costs. However, we didn’t stop there; we’ve gone further to develop lighting products that contained intuitive smart technology such as intelligent daylight harvesting, wireless controls, colour changing capability, motion sensors and state of the art thermal management systems. It is the combination of these technologies that have seen LEDified recognised as an ABA100 winner for Innovation in the Australian Business Awards.


We have spent a year developing the ultimate commercial LED. We call it SIGMA, and it’s one of the most innovative LED products in the country:

  • Uses only 10% of the energy of a traditional metal halide, while still producing an unprecedented 119 lumens per watt. It also has a lamp life of over 50,000 hours
  • Instant illumination
  • Slimline profile makes it one third of the size of a traditional metal halide. It’s revolutionary heat sink allows an even heat dispersion and lower operating temperatures
  • IP65 rating means it can withstand all weather conditions, whether it’s wind, hail, dust rain and snow, making it a versatile light for almost any commercial application

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  • Can change brightness and colour with at the click of a button
  • Fits into any standard cut-out
  • Lasts up to 50,000 hours, so you save on replacement costs
  • Boasts an average of 85 lumens per watt yet uses 80% less energy than a standard down light
  • Dimmer compatible

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