1704, 2017

True or False – Do LED lights attract bugs?

We here at LEDified are lovers of lights. We are proud to serve our customers so that their evenings can be illuminated with our LED lights. There’s been a question that’s been burning most people for years. And the quest for the answer always seems to be ongoing.

When lights are turned on in the evening, […]

1604, 2017

LED lighting in retail marketing – Does it really matter?

Have you ever walked into a store and felt compelled to stay because you enjoy the experience? Or alternatively, have you ever walked into a place and felt the need to walk out because you didn’t feel comfortable? Chances are the retail experience affected your decision to stay or leave. There are several factors that […]

1504, 2017

What drives our team at LEDified?

Lighting has a huge impact on people’s lives and well-being. That’s why we believe that it is important to provide people with the best quality lighting that will improve their quality of life, whilst helping the environment and minimising their financial burden. We believe that we have done a good job so far, but we […]

1304, 2017

Spotlight on LED innovators – CoeLux’s Lunar LED skylight.

The business that we are going to feature has been featured on the LEDified blog before. A few years ago, they made a remarkable development with LED lighting technology by developing a light panel that mimicked the properties of the sun and the sky. CoeLux have gone a step further this time by planning to […]

1104, 2017

Introduction to Lumen