2710, 2016

LEDified reinforces its stance on eco-friendly lighting.

We talk a lot about sustainability on the LEDified blog, but we believe that sustainability should be everyone’s business. We are happy to help businesses make a difference to their impact on the environment with our range of lighting products. However, there are still several businesses around Australia that need to upgrade their lighting to […]

2010, 2016

Have you phased out the inefficient light bulbs in your property?

You might have felt a sense of guilt when reading the title. The phase-out of inefficient energy light bulbs started back in 2009, and by now, Australian homes and businesses should be fully equipped with a more eco-friendly alternative. However, there are still some culprits that still use the inefficient light bulbs. In this article, […]

1210, 2016

5 ways to tell if your business is ready for a lighting design makeover.

There should be a buzz in your business that makes employees eager to turn up and have a productive day and a sense of magnetism that attracts happy customers who are happy to refer you. People generally associate bright places with happy places. If your business doesn’t feel like it is providing the energy that […]