2707, 2016

4 simple ways to improve the sustainability of your business.

For many small to medium sized businesses throughout Australia, sustainability is something that people recognise as being important, however they are unable to prioritise it due to other commitments in their business. The small to medium sized business owner will usually be concerned about their business’s cashflow and the day-to-day operations.

However, with the advancement of […]

2107, 2016

Pitfalls to avoid when upgrading your property to LED lights.

Making the upgrade to LED lights can be one of the most rewarding investments for your property. However, things can turn sour if you invest in the wrong LED products or even electrical technicians. Unfortunately there are some unhappy stories about LED retrofits because the buyer chose to go with cheap supplies or electrical expertise […]

1407, 2016

The dangers of buying cheap LED lighting.

Upgrading your home or business to LED lighting will provide you with long-term cost savings as well as reducing your property’s contribution to carbon emissions. Most people that have retrofitted their properties with LED lighting have saved up to 80% on their annual energy bill.

People want to get the best value for money. Even though […]