2806, 2016

3 ways LED lights can improve the profitability of your business.

Australian businesses are always looking for ways to minimize costs and increase revenues in order to maximize profits. There are obvious tactics that businesses can take such as ‘selling more of their products and services’ through sales drives. There’s also the route of cutting resources that are valuable to the business, such as staff or […]

2306, 2016

12 ways to improve the energy-consumption habits in your home.

It’s highly likely that the energy consumption in your home is contributing significantly to carbon emissions. Australians are becoming more aware of environmental threats and the impact it will have on their lifestyles in the future. Now there is a sense of urgency to for people to live greener lifestyles. Global warming and climate change […]

1006, 2016

How upgrading your healthcare lighting to LEDs can help your patients and save on energy costs.

Do you run a healthcare or medical facility? Do you recognise the benefits of providing high-quality energy efficient lighting? When it comes to providing lighting in healthcare facilities such as hospitals and medical centres, most managers opt for ‘standard’ lighting and take the options for high-quality lighting options for granted. Although investing in standard lighting […]

206, 2016

Boost your car park security with LED floodlights.

Australia is one of the most vehicle dependent nations in the world. We use our vehicles for commuting to work and personal travel to places such as schools, universities and shopping centres. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, there were 18 million registered cars at the end of January of 2015 and tend to […]