2904, 2016

Boost your business’s productivity by improving your office lighting!

How much more profitable would your business be if your office workers would improve their productivity, without them feeling like they are being pressured to work harder? The answer is “by improving their working environment.” When people enjoy their work and heir environment, they get into ‘their zone’ and they thrive in what they do […]

2204, 2016

Can optimising your school’s lighting make your students smarter?

There are many students in the Australian education system that struggle to excel in their studies because of their learning environment. According to studies from the Victorian Education Institute, a stimulating and attractive environment is one of the crucial factors for creating an effective learning environment. The impact of a school’s infrastructure on students’ performance […]

1504, 2016

Reduce your business’s overheads by upgrading to LED lighting.

It is easy for overheads to eat away the hard-earned profits of Australian businesses if they aren’t managed well. Every business has overheads, however, they do not need to provide a heavy financial burden for its business managers. By upgrading to more sustainable lighting solutions, your business will reduce its energy consumption and overhead expenses. […]

704, 2016

Sustainable lighting solutions for warehouses.

Global warming and carbon emissions are some of the greatest threats to humanity and the planet. In light of how serious these threats are to the survival of the human race, it is the responsibility of governments, businesses and society to implement sustainable practices that will help reduce carbon emissions.

The Australian Government reported that the […]