2602, 2015

LED Downlight MR16 10W

2502, 2015

See the Light with EVA LED Lighting

LEDified’s ground-breaking EVA LED downlight can be controlled by remote including colour temperature and brightness. Find out more about LEDified’s EVA product.

2402, 2015

How Much Longer Will LED Lights Last?

One of the many reasons why LED lights are becoming more and more popular throughout Australia is their long lifespan. Many LED lights are quoted at having 50,000 hours of efficient, quality light. Keep in mind that 50,000 hours is approximately 50 times longer than other types of incandescent bulbs and is 25 times longer […]

1902, 2015

Why You Shouldn’t Install LED Downlights In Halogen Fittings

Many homeowners are eager to make the switch to LED downlights and say goodbye to halogen bulbs. While switching to LEDs is a smart move – they use less energy, run cooler, and last far longer than halogens – it’s not as simple as just swapping out the globes. LED downlights aren’t always compatible with […]

1802, 2015

Office Max Case Study

The corporate headquarters of OfficeMax Australia, in Richmond, Victoria, is a busy office with various large open plan spaces housing sales, finance, marketing, logistic support and account departments. Stationed in an old brick factory, the office space has character to boot. One of the challenges that face buildings of this vintage is adequately lighting areas […]

1702, 2015

Remote Controlled LED Lights Are Here

Remote controlled LED lights are quickly becoming the latest addition to the connected home. Aside from the fun, new tech aspect that remote controlled LED lights offer, they have practical implications too.

How Remote Controlled LED Lights Work And How LEDified’s Remote Controlled LED Works

At LEDified, we have a product called EVA. EVA is an LED […]

1202, 2015

LED SOLO Shopfitter – Rectangle Range

1102, 2015

Meet Our Lighting Designer: Hadi

There is a technical process we go through behind-the-scenes to get lights of the highest quality ready for installation in your home and business.

Part of that process is having all our lights checked by our in-house lighting designer, Hadi. We sat down with Hadi and fired a few questions his way to find out exactly […]

902, 2015

What To Expect From LEDified’s Full Commercial Service LED Light Installation

At LEDified, we provide full-service sales and installation of LED lights. We work with home and business owners who want to save time and money with an LED transition that goes smoothly and is done right the first time.

What’s Included In Our Installation Of LED Lights on Commercial projects?

LEDified is Australia’s largest full-service LED lighting […]