2211, 2014

Retrofitting with LEDs

Are you ready to make the switch to LED lights but look around your house and don’t know where to start? That’s where LEDified come in! Renovating your current lighting system with super-efficient LEDs is one of the smartest home renovation projects you can undertake, and it’s easier than you might think.

Types Of Bulbs That […]

1711, 2014

LEDs vs Incandescents the Ultimate Comparison

Although LED lights and incandescent bulbs both give off light, the similarities end there. From the way they’re constructed to the colour and amount of light they give off these two bulb types are very different.

How LEDs And Incandescents Differ
Much of the difference between incandescent and LED lighting comes down to their construction. Incandescent bulbs […]

1311, 2014

Things To Consider When Going Green For The Environment

“Going Green” is a way of life that encompasses everything from what we eat to where we shop to how we run our households. When looked at from a grand scale, you may think there’s nothing you can do that can curb environmental woes, but you’d be wrong. Environmental sustainability starts with small steps practiced […]

511, 2014

Are LED lights worth the price

Consumers who are interested in saving energy on electrical bills can’t help but take a look at LED lights. LEDs are extremely efficient and long-lasting, making them a natural choice for energy-conscious consumers and, thanks to advances in technology, they are within reach of everyday consumers.

There is one thing about LED lights that sometimes causes […]