3010, 2014

Understanding the Colour Temperature of LED Lights

Colour temperature refers to the colour of the light source. When it comes to LED lights, our choices include Warm, Cool, Natural or Daylight. Each LED colour temperature has a specific look and feel, and you’ll find that certain colours work better in specific applications.

Every light bulb package has a description of the light given […]

2410, 2014

EVA is the most Versatile LED Light

See the light with LEDified’s EVA lighting system.

2310, 2014

The Difference Between Lumens vs Watts With LED bulbs

One of the most common questions that consumers have about LED lighting is how lumens compare to the wattage rating, watts being something that we are all so used to seeing on incandescent bulb packaging. The reason this is such a confusing concept is because lumens and watts measure different things. Lumens measure the total […]

2110, 2014

Our EVA LED is a safer lighting option

Find out more about how to make your home safe with EVA.

1710, 2014

LED Inventors Take Out Nobel Prize for Physics

Three Japanese-born researchers who invented the blue LED light have been awarded the prestigious Nobel prize for Physics. Although red and green LEDs have been around for some time, without a blue diode it was never possible to create white light. This means brighter light can be created with LED technology while maintaining low energy […]

1510, 2014

The New EVA LED Will Save you Money

Find out more about making the switch now.

1410, 2014

VACC Case Study

510, 2014

Understanding Australian Building Codes When Using LEDs

As a homeowner or a homebuilder you need to be familiar with the Australian Building Code (BCA) regulations for energy efficient lighting. At times it can get pretty overwhelming so at LEDified we want to break it down for you, basically any new project or major renovation that requires a Certificate of Occupancy to be […]