2609, 2014

Australian Cities That Have Switched to LED Street Lights

Several major Australian cities have made the switch and started illuminating their streets with LED lighting. Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane all have committed to using LED lights in this manner not only to save money on electric costs but also to make a move towards a more sustainable future. Many of these same cities are […]

2409, 2014

Six Surprising Places You’ll Find LEDs

LED (Light Emitting Diode) lights have been showing up in some surprising places thanks to their versatility while the energy savings of LEDs have been valued for some time. Now, they are more in demand than ever, as advances in technology have made these affordable lights available in different colours and suitable for many applications.

Six […]

1709, 2014

Why LEDs Will Save you Money in the Long run

It’s a common dilemma among home and business owners. You want to save money. You want to do your part to help the environment. You want to make the switch to LED lighting…but the upfront costs concern you. While it is true that changing over to LED lights has an initial cost, over the long […]