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Commercial Lighting Solutions

Where you work will determine how and when you use your lighting. Our range of commercial products have you sorted, with tailored, money-saving solutions. We have options for everyone from supermarket chains to healthcare professionals.

Government Incentives


Why LEDified LED Lighting?

LEDified has installed over 400,000 lights across Australia. LEDified takes care of the entire upgrade process helping you select the right light for your home or business, right through to the installation. We make the upgrade process easy
Because LEDified LEDs are energy efficiency products, they attract generous government incentives in VIC and NSW. LEDified applies for these incentives on your behalf. This reduces the out of pocket expense (if any) of your installation. Customers in QLD, WA and SA can also benefit from subsidised installations.
LEDified’s has a range of residential and commercial lighting products to suit your needs. LEDified LEDs are tested and accredited to attract various government incentives for energy efficiency. See our residential products below or have a look at our products page
LEDified is a full service lighting specialist, which means your LED upgrade is completed by our team of qualified electricians. In most cases we are able to complete the installation free of charge if you

qualify for a government Incentive. Our electricians ensure your lighting retrofit is up to Australian wiring standard and all installations come with comprehensive warranties.

LEDified LEDs come with warranties from 1 to 5 years, depending on the product. In the unlikely event of failure, the aftercare team will co-ordinate a replacement product in timely manner. It’s all part of the service.


Our Process

From the moment you wake up to the end of your busy day, you’ll be using lighting. Our comprehensive process ensures that you get the right light for the right job. We will:

Source world class LEDs and pass the savings on to you

Provide you with industry experts and EcoSmart electricians to help you choose the right product and achieve a superior installation
Provide a hassle-free commercial upgrade process. You will only deal with one upgrade manager who oversees our end-to-end service
Supply you with LED lights that pay for themselves in an average of only 19.3 months with our direct to customer model

Commercial LED Solutions

Do you want to save money in your workplace with no upfront costs? LEDified’s on-bill funding lets you pay off an LED installation across several bills. This is just one way that LED lighting saves you money on your commercial costs.

A commercial LED upgrade is a win-win situation. If we can’t lower your commercial lighting costs by 50 per cent we’ll pay your energy bill for 3 months*!

Industrial Uses

Industrial lighting is some of the hardest working in Australia, using more light than any other commercial sector. Reduce the costs and your consumption with our LED solution.
Contact us today to learn more about our industrial lighting products and services.

Residential LED Lighting Options

Our product experts can help you to find all the lighting products and accessories that are right for your home. A leading electrician will then come out to your home for a professional installation.

Achieve Brighter Rooms and Lower Bills with LED Lighting

If you want to enhance your workplace, brighten your home and lower your electricity costs then make the switch to LED lighting. LEDified LEDs last 20 times longer than halogen downlights while using up to 80 per cent less energy.

LEDs are the safer, stronger and longer lasting alternative, meaning less impact on the environment, more safety for your family and more money in your pocket. To see how much money our superior LED installation could save you, enquire using the form above or check out our savings calculator.


LEDified LEDs produce more light but use up to 80% less energy than traditional lighting products. LEDified LEDs are also safer because they operate at a much lower temperature thus reducing the risk of house fires. Because LEDified LEDs last up to 50,000 hours, customers also save money on replacement costs.
LEDified LED bulbs are designed to use up to 80% less energy than traditional halogen downlights. You will also save achieve considerable savings in replacement costs because LEDified LEDs last up to 50,000 hours. To see what LEDs can save you, check out our residential savings calculator.
LEDified LEDs generate more light than a halogen while using up to 80% less energy
Halogen downlights waste 90% of energy as heat.
LEDified LEDs are tested to last 50,000 hours. This is 20 times longer than a halogen downlight.
LEDified LEDs have been thoroughly stress tested, and last up to 50,000 hours. In most cases this means you will not have to change your globe for up to 25 years.
LEDified LEDs don’t contain harmful chemicals like mercury.
LEDified LEDs have been designed to last up to 50,000 hours, they have a lower impact on landfills
LEDified LEDs use less energy therefore they generate less carbon for the environment.
LEDified LEDS are compatible with leading edge, trailing edge, universal and Diginet dimmers. Dimmer compatibility is important, so if you have any questions about how LEDs will work with your dimming system, speak to one of our consultants or leave an enquiry and we will contact you.
LEDified sets the standard by avoiding “plug and play” technology. The reason for this is simple; LED compatibility with all existing halogen transformers is unproven. Furthermore, running a 50w halogen transformer with a 5-9w LED does not provide long term lamp life. So all LEDified LEDs are installed with a power regulating transformer to optimise lamp life and efficacy. The installation is conducted by a certified Grade A Electrician so you know you’re in safe hands.
LEDified have LEDs for most indoor and outdoor applications. Whether it be residential, commercial, industrial, indoor or outdoor, we have it covered.
LEDified is an accredited person under the VEET scheme (Victorian Energy Efficiency Target), ESS (Energy Savings Scheme) in NSW as well as the REES (Retailer Energy Efficiency Scheme) in SA. This means LEDified provides access to generous government incentives to reduce your out of pocket expense. In some cases, these incentives can cover up to 50% of the cost. To find out if you qualify, contact us today.
Very good service. Everything done as described. Excellent communicating and workmanship. The installer was prompt, friendly and respectful. Great job.
Luciano , Bentleigh
The installer did a great job and was very knowledgeable about the lights and benefits.
Marcus - Blackburn
The electrician was punctual, courteous and polite and did the work efficiently and tidily, a very pleasant person.
Maureen - Brighton
Everything was done to my highest expectations. In fact I think the work site was left cleaner than it had been before LEDified arrived. A good job in every respect.
Lynette - Melbourne
Excellent service all round. Very satisfied.
Ronnie – Glen Waverley
The process was very smooth and our installer, he was friendly and helpful and got the job done with no mess.
Susan -Mordialloc
The service was excellent in every respect.
M.C Knowles - Malvern
I am happy, very pleased with the new lights, good quality and saves money.
Markowska, Altona
Customer Service was prompt + Followed up when they said they would + Electrician turned up on time.
Service was great from start to finish
The electricians were excellent!
Service was excellent, Minimal fuss. Lights look great.

Residential lightings options

Take a look at the table below to understand our residential lighting products or visit our products page




Energy saving


1 Years warranty




Energy saving


5 Years warranty


Change colour / Brightness


Energy saving


5 Years warranty